Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v4.23 (Released 4/11/2005)

Middle name field added to buyers, consignors, & vendors

Auction catalogs have been updated & refined

Added option to force clerk to enter the consignor code with every new lot in a nonlotted auction

Invoice receipts report can now be sorted by invoice # OR bid card #

Added option for Auctioneer's Screen to show auction total in normal font, small font, or hidden

Automatic proper capitalization for name fields

Added a phone2 field to consignors

Added options to force entry of certain fields when creating a new buyer from buyer check-in

Added a How Did You Hear About Us field to buyers and added subsequence Advanced Builder to mailing lists

Added separate HTML auction export for use in Excel

Added option for checkout that prompts user if exiting an invoice that still has a balance due.

Added option to print reserve on auction inventory reports by consignor.

Added ability to import inventory # when importing inventory from CO Maintenance. Import is also intelligent so that multiple imports of the same group of inventory #'s will update existing inventory.

Updated image compression algorithm to return higher quality compressed images

More functionality added to payment history tab in CO Payment Maintenance which makes it easier to make corrections and reprint reports.

Updated System Maintenance to make it more helpful in the correct order to run utilities

Buyer Charges summary report added to Auction Maintenance

Added Auction Summary Form and Reports

Image Optimization Updated

Inventory Type & Lead included in Projection Export

CO Balance reports optimized for wider range of settings

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*