Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v5.00 (Released 12/21/2005)

Spell check added to inventory maintenance lead & description fields.

Added second tax rate to more easily handle GST/PST, GAT/VAT, or other tax structures.

New optional VIN decoding service that automatically explodes vehicle information.

The handheld can be used to scan vehicle VIN barcodes making vehicle entry very easy: You can also manually enter the VIN or use a barcode scanner connected to a computer to scan the VIN. Contact us to learn more about this optional service.

Added the ability to edit a price, or delete an item directly from invoice maintenance rather than forcing user to delete the invoice, modify the bid, and re-check out the bidder for non-grouped bids

Added 3 more short user-defined fields to inventory maintenance

Added batch image optimizer and archiver available from option maintenance

Added ability to e-mail CO reports

Created new Inventory Query form which makes querying by inventory # or auction/lot# very rapid and easy without granting modification rights

Added ability to print most reports to PDF from report dialog

Added optional service that allows you to order printed bidder ID cards from us.

These cards are 30mil plastic printed on front in full color, with your logo and a picture of the bidder.

The back is printed with the bid card # in large bold numbers.

To order a card you simply pull up the buyer's record, go to the buyer images tab and click on the order id card button towards the bottom.

Auction Flex will then upload the buyer's info and image to our server and then in a week or two you get their card in the mail. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Added e-mail authentication capability for bulk e-mailing

Added ability to import absentee bids

Added additional fields to buyer import

Added tax exemption expiration field to buyer

Various list boxes should now sort regardless of case

Added ability to add and delete item expenses to purchased items after items are sold

Added ability to export lead+extended description into a single field from auction export

Added option to hide clerking total in clerking maintenance

Added option to print Invoice List from Invoice Maintenance by bid card #

Added separate footer for CO Balance reports

When attempting to checkout bid card # of bidder who hasn't checked in yet, system will search buyer list for permanent bid card # and prompt to check-in

Added ability to checkout bidder by name

Added reports for buyback lots by auction similar to not sold lots reports

Added ability to specify range when printing auction lots sold report

Added ability to print invoice receipts report by specific auction AND/OR date range

Added ability to print invoice summary reports by specific auction AND/OR date range

Added ability to print outstanding invoice list from Auction Summary form

Added ability to print reports from CO's & PO's tab from Auction Maintenance

When checking out, will show lead in quick preview when specifying bid card # to checkout

Added option to automatically default new CO to current auction

Added more intelligent summary in buyer checkout below list of bids

Changed grid leader board to group leader board bids at top sorted by first lot#

Added pre-print option to buyer checkout

Added option to default new consignor codes to next integer or letter+integer

Added ability to modify allocated quantity of an item in auction even after partially sold

Zip code is now forced to upper case

Added report from PO Maintenance that shows detail by item of total cost/expenses/invoice price

Added summary by item tab to PO Maintenance

Added silent auction bid sheets to Auction Maintenance

Changed clerking form to not allow accidental focus above lot#

Buyer address now forces to auto-proper case if typed in all upper or lower case

Handheld clerking will now show absentee bids if that option is selected

Added Dymo business card from buyer maintenance for quick and easy permanent bidder ID card (for lamination)

Added option to auto-proper case on lead & description for inventory

Dymo labels added to inventory maintenance

Separate permission created for cost field that applies to purchased items in inventory maintenance, PO maintenance, & various reports

Added option to Advanced Mailing List builder that makes it easy to create mailing list of first time bidders for a particular auction

Added ability to lock consignor or vendor codes which will keep them from being changed when resetting consignor/vendor codes from option maintenance

New add list button in invoice maintenance for straight sales and inventory consignor returns which allows you to enter a list of inventory #'s at one time

Added page footer to invoice maintenance (as opposed to existing invoice footer) which makes it easier to use Auction Flex with company letterhead/forms

Added option to suppress company info at top of invoice for use with company letterhead/forms

Changed invoice to use larger font for lot#'s shorter than 5 characters

Added solid label background option in Multi-Parcel map presenter

Changed Add Group form from Auction Maintenance to allow selectable/sortable fields for group inventory selection

Added right-click edit item capability from CO balance detail tab in CO maintenance

Changed clerking activity by consignor report from clerking activity maintenance to support ALL to print all consignors at one time

Added phone bidder list view capability to Auctioneer's Screen accessible via mouse click

Added default auction buyer charges to option maintenance that are used when creating a new auction

Added ability to have default invoice item charges for straight sales

Added excel export of winning bidders from Multi-Parcel maintenance

Added right click new option to new inventory type maintenance form to facilitate easy duplication of inventory types

Added system date to buyer, consignor, and vendor records to record system date when record was added

Added clerking sheets with absentee bids

Moved clerking sheets to maintain clerking activity form

Buyer merge now fills in fields from buyer being merged to buyer being kept if field is empty

Added option to print range of lots when printing clerking sheets

Added auctioneer's copy report that just shows estimates, reserve, and absentee bid next high, high, and bidcard#

Added ability to enter amount paid rather than principal paid when using surcharge/discounts with invoice receipts

Added option to have reserve and absentee/phone bids blink in the auctioneer's screen which helps the auctioneer not overlook this information

Added ability to delete any bid, not just the last bid, in multi-parcel

Added second image to buyer maintenance

If you hit the letter K when entering a bid in multi-parcel system, system will add three zeros

Reserve will now show with handheld clerking

Added new grid-style clerking form (in beta form)

Added new Easy Navigator for non-catalogued auctions (clerk on the fly) and for simple catalogued auctions.

Added option to hide navigation buttons on auction day forms (check-in, clerking, & checkout) to prevent users from accidentally changing the auction.

** Changed the handheld clerking order to enter qty last.

** Changed the handheld to listen to the Assume Times the Qty option in Option Maintenance. To force 'Times the quantity press the * after the price, to force 'One Money' press the / after the price.

** Changed the handheld to support previewing previous clerking entries by pressing the left or right arrow keys
(left arrow=previous bid, right arrow=next bid). Depending on your handheld settings you may have to press enter after pressing the arrow key. To change these settings to allow the arrow keys to work without pressing enter afterwards, contact us.


Changed the inventory History Search form to show more information in resizable/sortable columns.

Added option (No/Ask/Yes) when checking out bidder multiple times, to add new items to existing invoice.

Added ability to choose Auction Type from Auction Maintenance which makes the clerking screens a little more intelligent. Auction types include Catalogued, Non-Catalogued (multi-consignor), Non-Catalogued (single consignor).

Added ability to print item images on invoices.

Added Page 1 Only Catalog Header for Auction Catalogs.

Added option to sort Inventory Types to separate CO's by consignor when clerking nonlotted auctions. This is useful for nonlotted auctions where different commission schedules are charged for different types of items.

The How Did You Hear About Us box in Option Maintenance has been increased in size to allow virtually unlimited number of options from Buyer Maintenance.

Change CO Payment maintenance reports to not require the user to select the All CO's in current filter checkbox.

Optimized the buyer checkout form for better speed.

Added buyer e-mail to detail of buyer's checked-in for auction reports.

Added the 3 new inventory UDF's to the inventory import.

Changed image delete to send files to recycle bin instead of gone for good.

Changed image archival tool to have option to remove references to manually deleted image files.

Grid-style clerking form was enhanced to make it easier to use.

Grid-style clerking form was updated to support quick sell (+) feature useful for choice and pass outs.

Handheld clerking was enhanced to make it easier to use.

Updated handheld clerking to support new quick sell (+) feature useful for choice and pass outs.

Changed the Alt Bids tab in Buyer Check-In to be filterable by bidder# which then defaults the sort order to the order in which the bids were entered (which is often not lot# order). This makes it easier to double check alternate bid entry.

Expanded the field size of the SMTP username and password fields to support long usernames.

Updated the Help File to cover more of the capabilities within Auction Flex.

Added ability to clerk from a regular computer using RF Modems which gives the clerk up to 20 mile range from the check-in/check-out/cashier workstations. This solution is an alternative to our wireless handheld clerking capability.

Contact us for more information on this new capability.

Added ability to set commission by consignor (normal), or by auction, or by inventory type. This is handy for customers that charge different commission rates depending on the type of item being sold. (Example: horse & tack auctions).

Added ability to define up to 10 quick expenses for items. Quick expenses are handy when you regularly charge a standard expense, but not necessarily on every item. (Example: Picture Fee $50, Marketing Fee 5%, or Vet Fee $50).

Added option to edit the lead of a prelotted item when clerking. This facilitates the addition of information to the lot on the fly (Example: Pen #).

Added a dot-matrix friendly invoice that facilitates fast invoice printing when using the Windows generic/text print driver. See the Help File for more information.

Added option to force auction day forms to one instance only. This prevents users from accidentally opening multiple check-in/check-out forms when switching back and forth.

Added ability to group payments by consignor when a single consignor has multiple CO's.

Added full-size 8/12 x 11 labels that print in landscape mode.

Added 2 column horizontal catalog with image.

Added single column catalog with image to the right.

Buyer Checkout Primary tab filter for name now affects the invoice list too.

Added ability to suppress the new spell check control.

Added a new auctioneer's copy with full consignor name and space to record price, bidder#, & qty

Added shortcut P to Auctioneer's Screen to quickly view phone bidders.

Moved auction charges summary reports to buyer checkout because report is invoice based.

Added sort option to Buyer Maintenance for buyer code.

Inventory Import updated to new tabbed style, is now more robust, can import from multiple consignors at one time, and doesn't require splitting up long descriptions with Excel.

Changed Buyer Maintenance so that if you enter the zip in the city field, the system will auto-lookup the city & state.

Changed e-mail format for Invoice, CO, & Alt Bid to optionally attach an HTML document rather than a PDF.

Added ability to print descriptions on auction activity by consignor report.

Updated import (inventory, buyer, & alt bid) to remember field mapping selections.

Changed Fast Entry so that you can use the <Enter> key to tab through all fields.

Updated grid clerking form to automatically check-in reserved bidders on first successful bid (if this option is turned on)

Added clerking sheets for 10 lots per page.

Cleaned up and optimized invoice, CO, & alt bid reports for e-mailing as attachments.

Updated Auction Upload to intelligently upload images so that it won't re-upload images that haven't changed since last upload. This can greatly speed up subsequent auction uploads.

Reports added for phone bids including export to Excel.

New sort order options for reports of buyers checked into auction

Added auction item expense detail with subtotal reports

Added ability for quick find labels to search within a field via Ctrl+Mouse click. This capability has always been available via the Find button at the bottom of most forms.

Added ability for listbox sorter labels to search within a field via Ctrl+Right Mouse click

Added option to list of buyers checked into auction to just print buyers with reserved bid card #'s

The buyer address, phone, and fax fields are now quick searchable

Added ability for user to specify short description when making a backup

Buyer checkout further optimized for speed

Clerking Grid updated for use with Auction Presenter

Toggling Tax Status of invoice items will now automatically recalculate invoice item charges

Trail Printer should now show all available printers including network printers

Fixed bugs with new inventory/lot import form

Update Auction buyer charges report to show invoice charges added on the fly

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*