Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v5.10 (Released 12/27/2006)

Added QuickBooks export for consignor payments

Backspace behavior changed for fields so that backspace stops at the beginning of the field rather than moving to previous field

Added option to auto-format phone #'s as 123-123-1234 or (123) 123-1234

Added ability to reassign inventory between CO's and PO's

Added ability to reassign all unsold lots from one auction to another auction using the same lot#'s

Added consignor/vendor name to Add Group button from Auction Maintenance

Added option to print Auction ID on all lot labels

Deleted images will now go to the Windows Recycle Bin

Added more sorting options for buyer reports

Added report for how did you hear about us to buyer check-in

Added option to specify mailing lists as temporary so they don't show up in buyer maintenance mailing lists tab

Added option to hide Tax 2

Added system date to inventory

Added designated udfield caption Consignor Item # that automatically prints on consignor reports

Added option to print consignor reports in order by consignor item #

Added designated udfield caption Auctioneer Notes that automatically displays on Auctioneer's Screen and prints on Auctioneer's Copy

Created filter in Inventory Maintenance for items in Auction ID ??

Added option for alternate bid results e-mails to display actual bid amount

Added auction buyer report with buyer images

Added phone2 to buyer check-in reports

Added ability to quick check-in by buyer code

Added full buyer export to Excel from buyer check-in

Added button to re-evaluate auto-lead for all onhand inventory by inventory type Added Excel Export from Inventory History Search

Added mailing list code import options to Buyer Import

Added force sort order to lot# option in buyer checkout (default was order entered which is mostly often by lot#)

Added ability to specify a filter when printing auction catalogs

Added tax tables

Added ability to have tax determined by the buyer (useful when collecting vehicle taxes by buyer's location)

Changed invoice receipts form to show receipt notes (reports already did)

When multiple people are adding inventory simultaneously the system will now intelligently anticipate next inventory# by workstation

When opening inventory maintenance will now assume you want to look at last entry added from this workstation.

Added option for catch-all exception consignor when importing inventory from multiple consignors at the same time.

Changed inventory import to provide more detailed description of any errors encountered

Added ability for image names to be assumed when importing inventory

Added inventory # to auction export

Added bid card # and buyer name to auction export

Changed VIN explosion so that a single user-defined field can contain Year Make Model or Body Trim Engine

Added source, sourcenum, & sourcecode to projection reports

Added invoice footer for condition where BOTH Tax 1 AND Tax 2 are Exempt

Added report for inventory types

Added option when starting trail printer to only print new records from this point forward

Added separate permission for buyer's credit card information

Added ability for One Inventory Type per CO to be used without One Auction per CO

Added buyer's name to clerking grid if running screen resolution of 1024x768 or wider

Added new image naming convention to auction export without underscore

Added new image naming convention to name image inventory# rather than lot#

Updated report of buyer charges by auction to include invoice charges added on the fly

Added ability to print second buyer image on buyer report

Added ability to print all tax exempt buyers checked into an auction

Added lead to clerking activity tab in clerking activity maintenance

Updated wireless handheld clerking to listen to option to skip qty in prelotted mode when qty available is 1

Absentee bidding not enabled message is now easily set by auction

Country Name added to auction upload for IWS

Currency Abbreviation for the IWS can now easily be set by auction

Added ability to enter bids as a group but save as individual bids (useful at the beginning of the auction when starting with choice bids)

Added ability to project in multi-column format

Added ability to highlight latest change in board being projected

Added ability to projection backup leader boards

Added ability to create summarized pro-rated expenses (now called batch expenses) by auction rather than item by item

Added ability to exclude certain consignors when adding batched expenses by consignor

Added ability to create batched expenses to just not sold items with a reserve adding a % fee based on the reserve

Added option to check for duplicate records on buyer check-in

Added new possible buyer duplicate check/compare form which makes it possible to choose field by field, which value to keep if merging records

Added new buyer duplicate analysis tool which will automatically analyze your buyers for possible duplicates and bring them up for review with ability to merge (Maintain Settings & Options->Buyer Tab)

Added ability to not have to select/confirm the printer every time when printing invoices from buyer checkout

Added the ability to specify different printers for each copy of the invoice which facilitates using different color paper for house/customer copy

Added ability to specify vendor code in Fast Entry

Added ability to not have to select/confirm the printer every time when printing bid cards

Added ability to specify quantity when adding a list of inventory #'s to an auction

Added ability to run data irregularity checker for current auction and recent transactions only

Added ability to determine sort order when printing multiple CO Balance Detail reports

Added option for Auction Presenter, when running in manual mode, to prompt for next lot at lower left hand corner

Added ability to run multiple rf modems from the same server computer

Added source code (consignor/vendor code) filter to inventory maintenance

Added horizontal lines to clerking sheets

Added consignor code labels to consignor maintenance

Added date range option for list of purchases by buyer from buyer maintenance

Added buyer/consignor code to mailing list export

Changed invoice charge to show form rather than individual prompts when adding/editing invoice charges

Added ability to filter consignor maintenance by Auction ID

Added ability to mail merge e-mails with just the first name, rather than the full name

Made the alert field in buyer maintenance stand out when not empty

Will now warn when exporting an auction to a folder that is not empty

Added labels to Purchase Orders

Added labels to Vendor Maintenance

Added ability to print logo on bid cards

Changed behavior of invoice auto-print on receipt add to only auto-print if invoice is paid in full

Added easier way to cancel/delete an invoice receipt during from receipt add form

Added warning when changing name/dates of an existing auction

Added summary report for clerking activity for all consignors from clerking maintenance

Added option to print lines on the catalog

We have added a separate (but seamless) registration process to the integrated web service that captures the bidder credit card info (and retains it for you) and then automatically approves the bidders to leave bids.

To better understand all the new options they are listed below for your review:
1. No Registration
2. Bidder Record Only Registration (for the trusting auctioneer)
3. Bidder Verification Only (account verified with credit card but cc info not retained)
4. Current Credit Card Info Required (retained for you)

1. None
2. Brought to Live Auction (Absentee bids)
3. Internet Only Auction

1. Public Bidding
2. Sealed Bid (Silent)

1. Maximum (Up To) Bidding
2. Fixed / Flat Bidding

You can choose to extend bidding on a lot by X minutes if a bid was placed on the lot in the last X minutes.

A Quick Note About the New Registration Process As part of the new registration form the bidder has to click that they have reviewed and accepted your terms and conditions so be sure to include all the necessary legalese that indicates how you will be using their credit card information for payment.

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*