Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v5.15 (Released 8/13/2007)

Added quick commission/buyback table

Added ability to specify commission by item/lot

Added ability to have commission rates based on reserve which allows split-over reserve and keep-over reserve type commissions

Changed master setting for calculating commission based on reserve when sold for less than reserve to a CO specific setting

Added ability when uploading auction results to specify how to treat buy backs

Added ability to upload auction results including BP

Added new detail/summary report to buyer checkout for invoices

Added 5 new consignor settlement reports that are column based

Added new inventory filter for auction id=?? and keyword=??

Added count to invoice receipt reports

Added Page Up, Page Down, & Find Lot# buttons to clerking grid

Added option for surcharge/discount to affect the buyer's premium rather than applying as a "true" surcharge/discount

Added new column-based consignor settlement reports

Improved performance of multi-parcel by 500%

Added ability to clerk multi-parcel auctions by lead which permits using alpha numeric, alpha-only, and out of sequence parcel #'s

Added new option to checkout to existing invoice if the existing invoice is outstanding

Added easier way to print batch of invoices after the auction with option to filter by balance due and added easy sort option to print in order by invoice#, bid card#, or buyer's name

Added option when exporting checks to QuickBooks to define consignors as Customers or Vendors

Added auction export field for source's name

Added consignor code to the outstanding inventory by consignment order report

Added count and total to auction progress report

Added option to print large PAID IN FULL on invoice

Added option to not print bidder name on bid cards

Added option from advanced mailing list builder to include absentee bids and phone bids too when adding by keyword and/or inventory type

Added ability to set default auction in Option Maintenance which overrides the intelligent auto-set on startup

Added inventory type to catalog filter print options

Changed clerking grid so that + and = work the same way

Added consignor code to source info in Inventory Maintenance

When using CO Balance Mode adjusted for outstanding invoices we changed the consignor settlement reports to clearly denote which lots are being adjusted for outstanding invoices

Updated QuickBooks export to export as First Last instead of Last, First

Added new export to Excel from Clerking Activity reports

Updated Excel, PDF, & HTML exports to ask location and filename rather than automatically using default

Added large lot label for Avery# 5161

Speed Improvement over version 5.13.*

Added ability to specify more house not sold bid card numbers, and more house buy back bid card numbers

Changed CO Payment Maintenance to show positive and negative balances

Added automatic image import option for multiple images when importing inventory/lots

Added option to not update/change/add images when re-importing inventory/lots

Added option to print clerking reports as entered

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*