Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v6.03 (Released 4/02/08)

Buyer Check-Out speed improved

New Image Optimization utility is 10 times faster than the old one. When dragging and dropping images, importing inventory with images, or importing images directly, you should notice a huge speed improvement.

New Image Import Capability with built in barcode recognition. This means that if you barcode your inventory/lots with the built in Auction Flex barcode labels you can greatly improve the time it takes to assign images to inventory/lots.

Added ability when allocating unsold lots from a previous auction to a new auction to have the system copy the lots to a new CO which can greatly simplify consignor settlement for customers not tracking inventory.

New Auto-clerk function especially useful for online only auctions. Download your bids and click the Auto-Clerk button and your entire auction will be clerked... automatically.

New Bulk e-mail invoices function useful for internet bidders and online only auctions.

Improved PDF/HTML export engine for all reports including catalogs/invoices/etc.

New Optional Buyer Premium rate with bidcard# range useful for live internet auction broadcasting where internet bidders pay a higher buyer's premium.

All transactions (expenses,payments,etc.) can now be assigned to a specific auction which can drastically simplify consignor settlement for customers that carry inventory from auction to auction.

New checkbox to easily exclude a buyer from all mailing lists.

New Seller Check-In feature which allows you to assign an auction specific seller code to a consignor (the old master Consignor Code is still an option).

Improved Multi-Parcel algorithm. The new algorithm has been updated so that large multi-parcel auctions are significantly faster.

New vector (true-shape) map presenter for use with multi-parcel auctions. This new map presenter allows you to closely follow the contours of irregularly shaped auctions.

Auction Setup and Auction Lots are now two separate forms with two separate permissions. This means that you can give access to employees to maintain lots without giving them access to the auction's settings.

Auction Preview capability added to the Auction Flex Integrated Web Service. You can now drag-and-drop images to the auction lots/preview form and then easily upload them using the Auction Flex IWS. This enables our customers that don't do catalogued auctions to still benefit from the seamless, easy, one-click upload that our catalogued customers already use.

Import button added directly to Auction Lots.

Added ability to highlight multiple bids and change the bidcard# for the group in both Buyer Checkout and Clerking Activity.

Added option to allow the clerking of more than the precatalogued quantity. This is useful for customers that pre-catalog a sale but don't actually count quantities. This is also useful when the count was incorrect and you would rather not create an "A" lot for the remainder.

Added two special use user definable checkboxes to inventory. These checkboxes can be used for things like "Title Present" or "On-Site". You can then opt to print catalogs filtering on the status of these fields. You can also refrain from paying consignors based on the status of these fields.

Added Consignor Deducts payment type with easy application to consignor settlement. You can now assign a payment type as "Consignor Deduct" which can later automatically be applied to a consignor prior to settlement.

Added ability to record in-house expenditures per auction which Net out on your Auction Summary. This is useful for recording your auction specific expenses like payroll, facility rental, catering, etc.

Added "hooks" to various parts of Auction Flex which enable us to provide custom programming within the software for special case customers.

Added two more bidcards to the auto-print bidcard options from buyer check-in.

Added ability to have a custom report for bid card auto-print. This is for our customers that want a specific bidcard that is different from the included bidcards.

Added option to Auction Presenter to use Catalog OR Web image. If your catalog images are very large, changing this option to the web image can drastically increase the performance of the auction presenter.

Added new counts in Mailing List maintenance for buyers with addresses, and buyers with addresses without emails.

Changed invoice maintenance so that the ability to edit a price is tied to Clerking permission. This means that you can deny your checkout staff the ability to change bid price.

Added option for customer to specify how many rows to create when entering a list of alternate bids. This can be useful for customers who routinely enter more than 100 alternate bids at a time.

Added option to specify a bid specific note per alternate bid entered. This can be useful for recording emergency bid amounts for phone bids.

Added option to set a default straight sale buyer's premium that is different from the default auction buyer's premium.

Added ability to set a default buyer to use when creating a straight sale. This is handy for customers that just do straight sales to Miscellaneous Cash Customer or something similar.

Added ability to have system automatically print a list of alternate bids after you've entered them.

Added option to turn off Auto-Proper function when entering customer information.

Added option to clear the lead/description field after each save when clerking a non-catalogued auction.

Added option to print CO's by lot#,inventory#, or consignor item#.

Added option to print all phone#'s (1,2,&3) on invoices.

Added ability to import to specific CO#'s.

Added report of alternate bids by buyer by auction.

Added new image export file naming format for customers exporting their auctions to Proxibid.

Added DOB field to customer import.

Added ability to see all absentee bids from the auctioneer's screen by pressing A.

Added option to print customer's email address on their invoice.

Added new image name auction export option for Proxibid's updated specifications.

Changed add and send to auction from CO maintenance to show inventory# if using inventory #'s.

When uploading an auction and using the Auction Flex Internet Bidding Web Service, the system will upload the top two floor absentee bids which will allow internet bidders to receive notification if they have been outbid by a floor bidder.

Added ability to show reserve status online when using the Auction Flex Internet Bidding Web Service.

Added default buyer charges by inventory type to Settings & Options which will be used when adding a new auction.

Added a quick return of inventory to consignor by auction capability to the checkout form.

Added ability to batch expense a flat amount to each matching item from the Batch Expense tool.

Changed printout on consignor checks to only print company name OR first name + last name.

Added option to print seller code on the invoice.

Added option to clerk quantities with a decimal in the clerking grid (regular and RF).

Change behavior of clerking grid to make it easier to clerk larger quantities.

Updated auction presenter to change faster when synchronized to a clerk.

Added checkbox to indicate the intent that a customer is a consignor.

Added RF Modem Server and Handheld Server buttons to Easy Navigator Toolbar.

In inventory maintenance, auction allocations tab, added allocate and quick allocate buttons.

Added easy export of images from inventory maintenance.

Added batch mark as paid tool to buyer checkout->invoices tab.

Changed the batch mark tool in auction lots/preview to prefill the form with the highlighted rows.

Updated driver's license parser to grab middle name too

Added pre-print auction lot label with barcodes

Inventory Types commission and buyback schedules have been removed. If you previously used the option for one inventory type per CO and used the commission/buyback schedules defined from Inventory Type Maintenance, you must now setup Commission/Buyback codes and assign that code to the Inventory type. Contact us if you previously used the One Inventory Type Per CO option and need help making this change.


New, easier to use, more powerful Auction Checkout form

Added new Auto Backup tool which can be used during an auction to automatically backup all data at X minute intervals

Added option to disable extended price in clerking grid when clerking non-catalogued auctions

Added option to Batch Image Import form to assume filename is the lot#/inventory#

Added Invoice Quick Charges similar to Inventory Quick Expenses

Added more default Inventory Groups and Categories and added ability for customers to create their own categories

Added default customer duplication level check settings

Improved the customer duplication checking algorithm

Updated Invoice Receipt Reports to provide more information, be sortable, and added right-click edit to bring up invoice

Added 3 new simple clerking sheets

Added ability to lock auction drop down menu in the Easy Navigator

Added ability to set stagger time by lot for online only auctions

Added shortcut keys to bring up Auction Day forms

Added option to online bidding to force bids to the bid increment schedule

Added option to online bidding to show bid confirm page with Buyer's Premium

Added inventory type custom report option for invoicing wherein Auction Flex can easily be setup to automatically print Inventory Type specific documents like Title Transfers, Tag Applications, etc.

Added separate Ship-To address to customers which will automatically print on the invoice if present

Added checkbox to Auction Upload form to send to Auction Zip too (this feature is not yet implemented but will be soon)

Changed Clerking Grid to make invalid source code stand out more

Changed Clerking Grid to make invalid bidder# stand out more

Added new Advanced Mailing List Builder option to build mailing lists based on consignor sales volume

Added list of non-members back to Mailing List Maintenance

Added ability to export CO transactions to Excel

Added column to clerking activity to show date/time stamp

Changed bulk print/email from Auction Checkout to ask for range of bidcard numbers

Changed the bulk print/email function from Auction Checkout to be cancellable

Added opt-out checkbox next to customer's email address in their customer record

Added option to not show email prior to sending invoice, CO, inventory for customers using Outlook "click yes" solutions

Added a New auction button to the Easy Navigator and added option to hide the new button

Added ability to hide completed auction in Easy Navigator

Added option to make <Enter> behave like <Tab> in address fields

Change Inventory History Search form to be faster, and also to open items with a double-click

Added Inventory Type to Inventory History Search form

Added Source Code to Inventory History Search form results

Added more customer information to the top of the altbid reports from Auction Check-In

Added ability to hide Auction totals at the top of the Multi-Parcel Grid Presenter

Added commission summary column to CO Payment Maintenance

Added new auction export image file name formats

Added a customizable footer to the invoice preprint which can be used for warning that this is only the Total Hammer Price or similar

Added option to default Item Expenses to the current auction

Added deposits tab to Invoice Receipts Reports

Added totals to bottom of CO Maintenance form

Added easy function to clear stale reserved bidder numbers (Settings & Options->Customer Tab->Buyer Settings)

Added report of in-house expenditures

Separated new Auction Checkout form into two permission zones which makes it possible to give a cashier access to the basic functions, but not the advanced functions

Added ability to preprint Seller Labels from Auction Check-In (Avery 5160 & 5161)

Added customer's middle name to consignor checks

Updated Return Inventory to Consignor invoice to show lot#'s when associated with an auction

Added new option to Custom Import for mailing lists formatted as word1 word2 word3 (useful when converting from other auction software)

This version fixes all known bugs

Added email field to Customer Center

Updated Customer Center address field to be quick searchable

Added option for times the money when uploading a catalog for internet bidding

Updated spellcheck to generate less network traffic

Updated inventory/lot import to not require a dummy lead column when using auto-lead and udf's

Dropped format prompt when backing up directly to a thumbdrive

Added full size lot labels with image

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*