Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v6.11 (Released 1/07/2009)

The entire application received a facelift with updated icons/graphics and form layouts

Mailing List Advanced Builders have been sped up substantially

New PDF report export engine remedies all prior PDF export problems/inconsistencies as compared to the printed output

New Detailed Entry form from Auction Lots/Preview which allows customers that use UDF's to easily create detailed catalogs without the complexity of manipulating Consignment Orders manually. The Detailed Entry form serves as a more detailed Fast Entry form. When using the Detailed Entry form for catalog entry, you can enable the system to automatically print a Dymo label after each new lot. Also this form allows for easy review of Auction Catalogs created through any of the inventory/catalog build methods.

Added new buyer/item image capture capability that allows for the use of virtually any video/image device including webcams, camcorders, TV tuner cards, etc. This new utility bypasses the old TWAIN capture utilities and leaves an active video monitor enabled which greatly speeds up sequential image capturing. There are no excuses to not have a picture of every customer that comes to an auction!

New Phone Bid Scheduler for customers that handle phone absentee bids. Can be found in Auction Check In->Advanced

Customer Center updated with new Quick Search buttons and information grid now shows reserved bidder# column

Trust Account Maintenance has been updated to allow calculation by auction rather than old default of complete history

Auction Zip Upload! There is a dedicated tab in Auction Upload for entering your username/password and to assign the appropriate Auction Zip categories. We are finishing up some code on our servers but this will be fully functional very shortly

Updated Bid Cards to use larger fonts for bidder numbers 1 - 199 (numbers 200 and over were already maxed out)

New Excel 2007 Import/Export routines

Changed Pay Consignors form to have option to include Straight Sales

Created new Advanced tab in Auction Check-In with its own permission (if using logins) for the more advanced activities like importing customers, importing altbids, checking in Alt Bidders, checking in customers from a previous auction, generating phone bid schedules, etc.

Added Alt+Key shortcut keystrokes to Auction Check-In. Alt-N to checkin by name, Alt-P to check in by phone, etc.

Changed Projections (Auction/Consignor/etc) to be explicit calculations (requires clicking the Calculate button)

In CO Maintenance, added new arrow down button below the Email button so that user can dynamically choose which report to email. The default report used when clicking the email button is still defined in Settings & Options

In Invoice Maintenance added down arrow button below Quick Print which allows user to choose between printing Standard, Invoice Only, Inventory Type Custom Reports Only, or one of the invoice/invoice receipt print options. This can be especially useful for customers with Custom Reports for certain Inventory Types (like Bill of Sale, Title Reports, etc.) wherein you want to print the custom reports after the fact rather than at the same time as the invoice/invoice receipt.

Added new permission for Inventory Maintenance including: Inventory#, Inventory Type, Inventory Commission, Estimates, Reserve, Tax Status, & Expenses This allows you to give staff access to inventory for description/image maintenance without allowing modification rights to the indicated information.

Added option to remind user to take picture of customer at check-in

Added option to hide SSN on customer maintenance form

Changed auction export so that file extension for Comma Separated Values export option is .csv

Updated silent bid sheets to allow for custom percentages and no decimals and added new silent bid sheet that prints 2 lots per page

In Customer Import added separate ship to import fields and added more ignore column selections

Updated Trail Printer to open in its own window and have a much lighter footprint so that on older computers performance is not affected when the trail printer cycles

New email body for CO settlement reports which replaces the old standard CO email body

Image import behavior refined when manually assigning inventory/lot# and dealing with multiple images per item. Assume that you have taken 3 images of lot#1, 3 images of lot# 2, and so on. If you go to row 1, type lot#1, then skip to row 4 (the first image for lot#2) and type lot#2, the system will auto-fill rows 2 & 3 (the second and third images of lot#1) as lot#1.

New tool to repurpose a workstation from a secondary to a primary. This is an especially useful tool when used with the auto-backup function during an auction. It can save your bacon on auction day if your primary computer dies!

Invoice page headers and footers can now be customized by auction in lieu of the master settings & options. If you leave these blank the system will use the existing invoice page header/footer option in Settings & Options.

Changed the lead in the list of items in CO Maintenance to start with an asterisk if the item is using a distinct commission structure

Added ability to define a default Inventory Type by customer for use when clerking non-cataloged auctions. This is handy for our customers that conduct multi-consignor non-cataloged auctions and need to define certain consignors as non-taxable. This eliminates the reliance on the clerk to remember to manually change the inventory type while clerking.

Added ability to import commission/buyback structures when importing customers.

Changed handling of customers with outstanding invoice balances when option to auto-alert on check-in is turned on. It is now more user friendly for settling out past outstanding invoices

Added quick set button for lot stagger when doing online only auctions and specifying stagger by lot

Added descending sort options to Add Group from Auction Lots/Preview

Added buttons for remove all and move to top when manipulating inventory/lot or auction preview images

Updated handheld VIN scanning to collect miles and color

Added new zip code range tool to advanced mailing list builders. This is in addition to the existing zip code selection tool in the Geography tab

QuickBooks consignor check export updated

Bulk e-mail to alternate e-mail list utility updated to account for opt-out status in customer record

Bulk e-mail to alternate e-mail list utility updated to allow semicolon separated e-mail list

New Auctioneer's copy report which prints all absentee bids, not just bid start and bid max

Duplicate analysis tool updated to allow user to choose which consignment settings to keep

Updated Invoice Maintenance form to show buyer's image and allow quick image capture via double-click

Other minor changes to existing reports

Updated address formats to automatically adapt to international standards by country name

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*