Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v7.00 (Released 1/27/2009)

WARNING - version 7 requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x600 the RF clerking grid can still run on 800x600)

Self Check-In Touch Screen Kiosk - allows your bidders to check themselves into an auction and print their own bidder # by swiping their drivers license and answering prompts via a touch screen interface

New Vault Feature which facilitates central online mailing list database for simultaneous access/upload from geographically separated computers. This facilitates conducting multiple simultaneous auctions with multiple 'teams' within the same company

New automatic email option for online auctions which automatically sends your custom email to bidder after they successfully register.

New Linked Soft Close capability for online auctions which allows lots to be 'linked' together for soft close, wherein, if one lot is extended, all other linked lots are extended too

Fast Entry now adheres to Use Seller Check-In Setting

New intelligent customer code sort so that numeric-only customer codes are interpreted as integers which will then sort as (1,2,3,4 instead of 1,10,11,2,21,22,3). This also works for customer codes like(C1, C2, C3). Updated various forms and reports to use this new intelligent sort option

Updated bulk email form to be easier to use and automatically retrieve online list of email registrations, opt-outs and bounces (if using the Auction Flex IWS and Bulk Email Services)

Advanced Phone Bid Scheduler updated to allow up to 6 lots between phone calls

CO Maintenance Balance Detail tab updated to show lot#'s

Auction Checkout screen updated to included quantities in list view

Updated Auction Check-In and Consignor Payments to separate first, last, and company names into separate columns

When using Seller Check-In and allowing the same customer to check into the auction with multiple Seller Codes, system will now create separate CO's for each unique Seller Code, even if they are for the same consignor

Updated various reports and screens to show the auction-specific Seller Code instead of the consignor's Customer Code when using Seller Check-in

Mailing List - added count for number of members with email addresses

Added more printing sort orders for CO reports when printing in batch

Added options to suppress confirmation of change in Inventory Maintenance when changing inventory #, inventory type, commission/buyback code, presale estimates, and/or reserves

System automatically skips bidder# triple 6 when auto-numbering

If screen resolution of less than 600 in height is detected, toolbar instantiation is suppressed (some netbooks use 1024x576)

Added new image naming format in Auction Export for BidSpotter

Changed clerking grid so that backspace will not back out of lot#, source code, inventory Type, or lead boxes which will help prevent data entry errors

Various updating of forms from tabs to left-side option-group

New built-in packing slips from Invoice Maintenance

New Mailing List Center which makes it easier to view and maintain mailing lists

New E-Mail Center which makes it easier to view and maintain email campaigns

New Edit/View mode which enables forms to revert to View mode after editing (useful for customers who like their forms to open in View mode by default)

Auction Zip upload feature changed to accommodate multiple day auctions

Audible prompts added to clerking grid to notify clerk of data entry error

Changed behavior of clerking grid so that arrowing down to a previously saved bid positions the cursor at the end of the description rather than highlighting the entire description

Improved speed of Mailing List Add All button

Consignor settlements updated to show quantity as integer by default if no decimals are present

Invoice Summary Report modified to print bidcard#, name, and tax id

Added ability to specify custom port# when using your own outgoing mail server to send bulk emails

Added warning when entering a receipt for "Not Selected" payment type

Clerking Grid changed so that absentee bids and reserves blink when present

Auction Checkout buyer preprint updated to include quantities

Added cap for maximum number of labels to print when printing labels for lots with quantity greater than one

Customer phone numbers added to customer info at upper left of Invoice Maintenance (may have to scroll down to see)

For customers using the Auction Flex bulk email service. Test emails are now given priority for delivery and should be sent with 5 to 10 minutes

*Various Minor Bug Fixes*