Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v7.10 (Released 1/05/2011)

New Sale Order feature allows you define a sale order that is different from the lot#. This request was mostly received by heavy equipment auctioneers, however, it will work for anyone who has this need. Catalogs, clerking sheets, etc. can be printed in sale order and clerking will automatically follow the sale order.

New Clerking Audit Log which automatically logs any changes to clerked lots including price, bidder #, qty, etc. This provides an extra level of auditing to ensure that clerking changes are legitimate.

New Auction Checkout form that is cleaner and easier to use.

New Clerking grid option to display auction total at bottom right.

6 new short user-defined fields (25 character limit) and 2 new user-defined checkboxes for inventory entry. You will now have a total of 6 short UDFs, 6 medium UDFs, 3 long UDFs, and 4 UDF checkboxes that can all be defined by inventory type.

Phone Bid Scheduler - there have been huge improvements to the phone bid scheduler algorithm. The phone bid schedule that is created now is significantly better than the old one. Also there is a new option for defining a starting and ending lot# per employee which is useful if you have employees that aren't available for the entire auction.

Consignor Deducts - auction checkout invoice for buyers that are also consignors will now show a consignor summary button that makes it easy to determine what consignor deduct amount should be used. Additionally, this feature allows easy transfer of balance owed from the consignment to the customer's invoice.

New auction buyer charges option to only apply charge to a range of bidcard#'s.

Easy auction setup option to set an entire auction as tax exempt.

New catalog by pictures feature. Instead of cataloging, then taking pictures, then attaching those pictures to the lots you can reverse the order. Start by pre-printing your lot labels. Now, attach a lot label to the item and then take pictures of it. With this new Auction Flex capability, you can then use the images to easily and quickly catalog the auction. This is a very cool feature and we will be creating a video to show you how it works. This is how I would catalog whenever possible. It can be a huge time-saver.

Eye-Fi integration added. If you use an eye-fi card for taking pictures of your lots, the detailed entry form will automatically attach these images to the lot you are working on. The Eye-Fi SD card permits easy wireless image capture from any camera that accepts SD cards.

Consignor Payment - updated layout to more logical multi-step process and is now smarter, warning user of certain potentially undesirable settings or conditions.

Consignor Payment - you can now pay multiple auctions simultaneously (this capability is only available with certain settings and options).

Define 2nd different invoice to print automatically. Useful for printing an invoice and a packing slip simultaneously at checkout.

New HTML formatting options by inventory type user-defined field which permits italicizing, bolding, underlining, etc. when exporting catalogs. This is especially useful for auction galleries that send their catalogs out for professional lay-out and printing.

Internet Bidding - new option to provide immediate winner/loser feedback with internet-only auctions.

Internet Bidding - new option to define an opening date/time for online bidding.

Internet Bidding - new notice field that displays prominently in the auction and lots pages. Useful for messages like 'full catalog to be posted on Tuesday'.

Ability to hide prices realized > user value that are uploaded to the Auction Flex Integrated Web Service.

New button to view internet bidder registration credit card info while entering an invoice receipt.

Internet bidder registration auctioneer notes automatically flow through to the customer's invoice on checkout.

Auction check-in by drivers license scan now includes option to automatically save DL scans that fail to parse correctly. This can then be easily provided to Auction Flex for DL parser updating.

Updated Auction Presenter - updated appearance and has significantly fewer options.

Updated Auctioneer's Screen - updated appearance and has fewer options. Also includes ability for auctioneer to display a specific image of a lot to the audience via the auction presenter. This is especially useful when pointing out particular features of a lot to the audience. Also, auctioneer notes are now separated from lot description.

Added country name to mailing list advanced builders by geography.

Added bid card number range to mailing list advanced builders by auction attendance.

All import forms (inventory/lot import, customer import, altbid import) now support moving selected field mappings up or down.

Orphaned image tool - some customers, depending on how they manage their images, can end up with orphaned images in the Auction Flex images folder. An orphaned image is one that is not associated with any lots or auctions. This new tool will remove these images from the folder which reduces the size of your image backups.

Lot labels now include an option to print the source code (customer code, vendor code, or auction seller code).

New option to print unsold lots on consignor summary reports without returning lot to consignor

Version 7.10.09 released 4/6/2011 @ 9am

Fixed bug with inventory % expense being applied improperly at invoice

Adjusted upgrade code to have a higher automatic success rate upgrading previous data sets

Fixed issue on some systems where the "my documents\auctionflex\invoices" folder wasn't being automatically created causing error on invoice print to pdf

Added code to the Alt Bid List Entry form to make it harder for users to accidentally enter phone bids as $0 absentee bids

Fixed bug where quick charge invoice charges would prompt for description and dollar amount

Fixed permission issue where user without access to consignor summary button would receive an access denied message when invoicing a consignor

Fixed advanced mailing list builder by auction attendance for first time bidders only so that it relies on the date of the auction to determine first time status rather than just having not ever attended any other auction. This makes it possible to determine that a bidder attended their first sale 3 months ago, but have since attended other auctions.

Updated the customer dupe checker to ignore spaces in the zip field

Now hiding invoice % expenses in CO Maintenance balance detail tab

Fixed issue where the invoice auto-print option is turned on and user clicks Cancel, the invoice would still print

Fixed issue where the bidcard auto-print option is turned on and user clicks Cancel, the bidcard would still print

Added commission code to report#91 in Inventory Maintenance

Fixed upload error message when there are more than 999 images for a single lot. System will now only upload the first 150 images of each lot.

Adjusted behavior when importing images to require further user confirmation if there are more than 50 images on a single lot

Fixed sort by CO# in Customer Maintenance->Consignor History tab

Changed location of CO Maintenance->Email to "my documents\auctionflex\cos" folder

When adding a new auction, the default beg/end date is today (was tomorrow)

When disabling tax 2 in settings & options, the inventory disable tax status 2 is also automatically checked

Added basic navigation buttons to new checkout form if the option to hide nav buttons on auction day forms is not checked

Version 7.10.10 released 4/7/2011 @ 11:10am

Fixed bug introduced with v7.10.09 when verifying absentee bids entered as non-zero

Restored ability to navigated list of lots in Auction Lots & Preview by quickly typing lot# on keyboard with focus in the listbox

Fixed column label overlap issue in the PO Settlement report

Version 7.10.11 released 4/15/2011 @ 4:30pm

New option to show all images per lot in the new Auction Presenter (this option was already present in the old Auction Presenter)

New filter option when batch printing all invoices to only print invoices where balance due = 0 (paid in full)

Fixes bug with printing custom bid cards > 4 digits

Fixes bug with inventory record locks not being released properly when navigating

Fixes bug with some systems not being able to see two digits (10 would appear as 0, 12 as 2, etc.) in the auction export form field selection spinner boxes.

Version 7.10.12 released 9/12/2011 @ 1pm

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)
1439 - Fixed bug with EyeFi images not getting optimized for the web automatically.

1459/1605 - Fixed bug with Invoice Maintenance->Consignor Summary button in some scenarios.

1461 - Added confirmation "Are you sure you want to delete this lot?" from Detailed Entry.

1541 - Added separate auction upload button to the Easy Navigator.

1447 - Right click in Auction Unsold Lots form gives error message. Fixed.

1464/1544 - Fixed Auction Lots & Preview report #14.

1470 - Fixed issue with Phone Bid Scheduler not printing when Employee Code contains space.

1560 - Invoice Form - restored visibility of qty and count subtotals beneath list of lots.

1580 - When adding purchased items from Fast Entry, changed behavior to no longer automatically mark the PO as complete. This, in turn, enables the cost field when editing from Detailed Entry.

1657 - Fixed issue with PDF virtual printer displaying unlicensed message on some 64 bit Windows O.S.'s - Please note that you should never print directly to the AuctionFlex PDF printer, you should use the PDF button from within Auction Flex.

1661 - Fixed issue with very specific scenario that would result in a CO missing it's BuyBack commission structure.

1665 - Changed view invoices tab from Auction Checkout to automatically sort list by BidCard#.

1330 - Fixed issue with disappearing left hand buttons in Customer Maintenance in extremely specific scenario.

1429 - Adjusted layout of Auction Presenter options for specific screen resolutions.

1437 - Sorting by CO# from Pay Consignors was not working. Fixed.

1444 - On new installation of Auction Flex changed default value of Show absentee bid information when clerking to be checked.

1451 - Auction Lot Dymo labels were prompting how many labels to skip. Removed prompt for Dymo labels (still remains for Avery labels).

1466 - Adjusted Consignor Settlement reports 11-15 to obey print qty option in Settings & Options.

1472 - Fixed issue with email delay seconds and routine running at exactly midnight.

1494 - When using EyeFi from Detailed Entry and an image is added to the lot, fixed issue where cursor position would reset.

1505 - Changed Consignor Payment Maintenance to display consignor's auction-specific Seller Code when using Seller Check-In with certain combination of settings.

1561 - Updated handheld to better handle greater than 3 digits for $ and bidder#

1562 - Updated catalog by image to better utilize more screen resolution variants.

1563 - Improved scrolling behavior in Catalog by Image.

1579 - Updated image import to handle image naming convention lot#(1) with no space between lot# and (1).

1584 - Changed behavior of Bidopia bid download so that previously downloaded and accepted bids that are changed to declined status online automatically get removed from the local system on next download.

1591 - Now warning user when trying to upload an auction with internet bidding enabled but not registration option selected.

1592 - Updated behavior from Auction Checkout->View Invoices so that when you edit an invoice, exit the invoice, the selected invoice is reselected and scrolled to.

1593 - Changed behavior of Auction Checkin so that if you change a BidCard# the selected and visible row will change to the new BidCard#.

1604 - Added Dymo 30252 labels with and without barcodes for Inventory Maintenance and Auction Lot Labels and Detailed Entry.

1620 - Fixed issue with Auction Checkout report Auction Invoice Results Detailed Summary. In certain scenarios lot lead would wrap causing misalignment of qty/price column.

1628 - Added hook for inventory entry to facilitate customer-specific customization.

1650 - Fixed issue from Clerking Activity when changing source of a lot from a consignor to a vendor.

1651 - Fixed issue from Clerking Grid when changing source of a lot from a consignor to a vendor.

1659 - Fixed issue from Consignor Payment maintenance where validation of existing commission/buyback schedules was improperly looking at purchased items too.

1369 - Added sold lots qty total to Clerking Activity

1414 - Updated Auctioneer's Copy reports to print additional space when qty>1 and the option is selected to do so.

1433 - Added quantity totals to Auction Lots by Consignor reports 11 & 14

1436 - Added Inventory# to Auction Lots & Preview report #15

1602 - Added new report to Customer Maintenance to include mailing list codes.

1611 - Updated phone bid scheduler excel export to export notes column with older Excel format (.XLS).
The notes column already exported with new format (.XLSX)

1634 - Updated bulk email send form to show count (x of y) in status bar.

1652 - Reworded 3rd step on Quick Set Lot Stagger from Auction Upload

1427 - Added right click option from Auction Lots & Preview to Edit in Detailed Entry or Edit in Inventory Maintenance. The Edit in Inventory Maintenance option allows access to full report menu.

Version 7.10.13 released 9/26/2011 @ 3:45pm

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

1715 - The buyer's premium on straight sale invoices when choosing a different customer than the default would reset the BP to the default auction BP rather than the default straight sale BP as defined in settings & options. Fixed.

1679 - When sending bulk emails there is a stop button which allows the user to abort the sending email loop. This Stop button was very difficult to get to work. Now it is very easy to stop a bulk email send in the middle of the send loop.

1696 - Only phone1 and phone2 were being searched through when checking in a customer by phone# from auction check-in. Updated to also include phone3 now.

1716 - Created a custom hook to more easily add ability to have Auction Flex charge taxes on consignor commissions and expenses.

1722 - When a bulk email is sent, if the user has not selected appropriate email server settings then loop will abort after first cycle rather than repeating the message that the mail server information is missing.

1634 - Bulk email progress count updated to start on 1 of x rather than 0 of x

1723 - Updated default column sizes of sent email activity in email center and email edit

1724 - Updated default column size in settings & options->pay types so that the disabled column is wider

Version 7.10.14 released 11/14/2011 @ 10:55am

1815 - Fixed bug with column sorting in consignor payment maintenance which only occurred in rare scenarios

1816 - Fixed bug with column sorting and lots with subnumbers which only occurred in some scenarios

1818 - Added warning to consignor payment maintenance when selected auction(s) contain consignment orders without a valid consignor. This issue only occurs in rare scenarios.

1823 - Fixed bug with Fast Entry when using Seller Checkin and using the lookup box to find an auction on a new lot