Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v8.00 (Released April 24th, 2012)

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

790 - Email now supports Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and other Simple MAPI compliant email clients

1379 - Added new capability to renumber lot#'s the same as the sale order#

1777 - Added option to copy auction settings from one auction to another

1750 - Item-specific minimum bid amounts for internet bidding

1769 - Auction-specific minimum bid settings for internet bidding

1757 - Auction-specific bid increment schedules

1344 - Added ability to attach "web links" to lots/items which is useful for YouTube videos, PDFs, maps, etc.

1569 - Added ability to email absentee bids to bidder after entry

2152 - New Checkout Presenter that allows your bidders to view their lots, totals, etc. on a second monitor attached to your checkout computer - instead of asking your bidders what their winning lots were, let them confirm them visually!

2241 - Added new Light Auctioneer's Screen that is designed to run directly from the clerking grid computer on a second monitor (start it from Clerking Grid options) - it works from both the regular clerking grid and the rf clerking grid

2103 - Added new Light Auction Presenter that is designed to run directly from the clerking grid computer on a second monitor (start it from Clerking Grid options)  - it works from both the regular clerking grid and the rf clerking grid

1779 - Bidding notice and bidding notice URL added which makes it easier to link to alternative bidding providers or live broadcasting providers

1780 - Added dedicated fields for clarification in uploaded auctions including preview times, auction times, checkout times, payment methods, and shipping information

162 - Auction Flex activation keys are now numeric-only which will make it easier to manually type (when necessary - downloading is always preferred)

1736 - Created new Inventory Center as an easier way to manage inventory outside of auctions - also includes a New button which makes it super simple to add inventory outside of an auction without manually managing Consignment Orders

1307 - Most reports now print their location and report# at top right below page# to make it easy to find the same report again later

2149 - Customer duplicate checker accuracy dramatically improved and speed increased signficantly - also, email address is now used in duplicate analysis

2081 - Multi-parcel grid board updated with new "Display What" options - Leader Board,High Combos (LB Rows First),High Combos (Parcel Order),High Combos Not on Leaderboard,Bid History,Backup Position Boards  - this means you can display leader board on one projector and high combos not on leader board using a different projector (or any other combination of boards you wish - including map)

1789 - Updated QuickBooks export to be easier and work with QuickBooks Pro 2011

1897 -New version of our PDF export engine which is faster and should resolve any random "unlicensed" messages at bottom of exported pdf

1927 - Updated to ensure that absentee bids for the exact same amount made at the exact same time (to the second) resolve in a consistent manner with online winner determination

2231 - Updated Batched Expenses to calculate off total invoice price instead of unit price times original auction quantity

699 - Added company name field to Bidder Self Check-In Touchscreen Kiosk

1698 - Added option to remind user to ask customer for email address at check-in

1726 - Added customer's name to phone bid scheduler export

1749 - Added invoice date/time stamp to Invoice Maintenance->print->custom lists export

1752 - If an auction is uploaded with preview images, then user removes all preview images, on the next upload all preview images will be removed from online too (previously it would leave one image)

1753 - If a lot is uploaded with images, then user removes all images, on the next upload all lot images will be removed from online too (previously it would leave one image)

1764 - Added image export naming convention 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg, 1.3.jpg

1827 - Now warning user if trying to delete a lot that was uploaded with internet bidding enabled

1834 - New advanced option when linking soft close lots together. If the time is staggered, earlier lots will extend lower lots, but lower lots will not extend earlier lots. This is useful when selling a tractor and its implements where a buyer may only be interested in the implements if they win the tractor.

827 - Added principal and total invoice receipt amounts to invoice maintenance form when using "true" surcharge/discounts

1144 - Automatically creating a backup before allowing user to restore a backup

2107 - Updated clerking grid to make yellow hints box more apparent

2150 - Created new best practices slides that show on first install or upgrade

2171 - RF Clerking Grid computers now use regular workstation numbers

2240 - New "turbo" mode in rf clerking grid that speeds up clerking

2260 - Custom expression for auto-lead fixed to work with abbreviated udf names (sudf1-6, mudf1-6, ludf1-3)

2261 - If a custom expression was being used for auto-lead, the lead was not being properly disabled in inventory maintenance/detailed entry

2270 - Now giving a warning when auto-clerk detects existing clerking activity

2271 - Created clarity on bid increment schedules through sample bid examples

2286 - Auction upload form now includes all fields that get uploaded (even though some of these fields are dupes from auction setup)

2327 - Custom CO reports now appear in drop down quick email list from CO Maintenance

1492 - Added separate user permission for deleting an invoice

1550 - Added option to print company name over bidder name (if present) on bidder cards printed at checkin

1695 - Limited number of lines that an invoice page header can be

1699 - Rename the exported CO PDF report to include the CO#

1728 - The reminder that your activation key is expiring now includes an option to try to download the new key right from the reminder

1742 - Item copy updated to included UDF checkboxes and cost (if purchased)

1755 - Added option to hide projection tab from Auction Summary and set this as hidden by default (this is a legacy tab that most customers don't use)

1773 - Email Center, when adding an email it now automatically brings user to email edit form

1787 - Added ability for the word '(Deposit)' to be translated on an invoice

1792 - Updated auction lot labels #72 and #73 to print up to 5 digits (previously only worked to 4 digits)

1793 - Mail Center, when adding a new mailing list, it now automatically brings user to mailing list edit form

1805 - Added a warning to user when using Catalog by Image regarding valid source codes

1806 - When emailing a list of absentee bids to bidder, if the bidder's record is missing an email address, system will prompt for an email and will then ask user if they would like to save that to the bidder's record

1809 - In CO Payment Maintenance, if users prints checks or exports to QuickBooks and then tries to close the form without recording the payments, the system will warn them

1828 - In Advanced Mailing List Builder added new "by Reserved Bid Card# Range' function

1849 - For clarity we relabled the 'Buyer Determined' label for Tax1 and/or Tax2 in Auction Setup to 'Buyer Tax Table Determined'

1869 - Fixed issue where Auction Presenter would "flash" when sub lot numbers were entered in upper case

1951 - Updated all Sale Order data entry forms to be more user friendly

1982 - Added option to mark Auction Flex as "off-line" for when data is taken from office to portable laptops offsite to conduct an auction

1994 - Created mini-form when creating a new auction that forces the user to provide an auction name and specify auction dates

2031 - When loading a saved consignor batched expense, the expense type was not properly restored

2033 - When adding a category, the drop down in Inventory Maintenance/Detailed Entry was not properly alphabetized

2036 - Cleaned up Settings & Options - moved a few settings to more logical sections

2056 - Added option to hide buyer's phone # on invoice

2102 - CO Payment Settlement Report print sort options were missing when using seller check-in

2108 - Updated clerking grid to make it more obvious when no quantity available

2119 - Added new column in Alt Bids tab of Auction Check-In to make it easy to determine absentee bid status (winning/losing)

2157 - Added option to hide button for old clerking screen and set this by default

2167 - Updated printed clerking change log to show all fields

2172 - Refactored workstation maintenance to have a separate tab for image maintenance

2174 - Moved "advanced" sale order options to advanced tab in Auction Lots & Preview

2193 - Clerking change log updated to record quantity changes

2194 - Added buttons for Auction Presenter and Auctioneer's Screen to Clerking Activity form

2195 - Made clerking change log resizable to better view long descriptions of changes

2198 - Dropped old Fast Entry button from Auction Lots & Preview->Advanced

2207 - Auction Lots & Preview Report # 5 updated to respect Use Seller Check-In setting

2219 - Refreshed RF Handheld Server form for the newer handheld

2222 - Removed button for old email maintenance form in Settings & Options->Email tab

2250 - Added new start bid field to Catalog by Image

2255 - Updated auction upload form to give visual cues when information is missing

2259 - Added new workstation-specific email MAPI settings - this is useful when employees have their own work email accounts

2272 - Added warning to auto-clerk feature that reminds user to download bids before auto-clerking

2279 - Removed Scanshell options from Settings & Options->Kiosk tab

2296 - RF Clerking Grid updated to change Source Code box to red if invalid source code is entered when clerking non-catalogued auction

2299 - Added a reminder to install Auction Flex on all computers when upgrading from one version to another

2307 - Added sale order renumber as double-click action in Auction Lots & Preview

2320 - Now displaying Auction Flex version in RF Clerking Grid

2328 - Added ability to filter printed catalogs by sale order range

2367 - Auction Checkout report #11 added source code, added sort options, and reformatted report a bit

1503 - Excel auction export updated to export up to 20 image name columns

1814 - Added Dymo Label 30252 to CO Maintenance

1824 - Added report for Inventory Maintenance that allows user to print past Alt Bids with bidder info and actual buyer info too - this is useful for identifying potential bidders on a similar lot

1894 - Inventory Query now shows Auction ID when allocated

1957 - Added partial payment detail to outstanding invoice list (Auction Checkout->Report #21)

1963 - Added ability to quickly import two-column spreadsheet with lot# sale order# assignments for quick renumbering

2032 - Batched expenses as a percentage updated to allow 3 decimal places

2145 - New option to provide a custom background image for the Bidder Self Check-In Kiosk

2173 - Cleaned up rf modem clerking grid and rf modem server forms

2213 - Auction export updated to work even if lot# is not one of the selected fields to be exported

2218 - Auction export type HTML paragraph style updated to export up to 20 images (old limit was 10)

2330 - Clerking Activity reports #43 & #44 updated to include date/time stamp in export

206 - Invoice receipts by auction updated to better display when running for multiple auctions simultaneously

2166 - Added Seller Code import field mapping option when importing customer into an auction

1876 - Just a warning that some report#'s have changed in version 8 - this was necessary to make "room" when grouping together similar reports

2235 - Auto-Clerk using Alt Bids, looking at Bid Max instead of Bid Start when comparing to Reserve when Reserve Status Display is not turned on for internet bidding - fixed

2313 - RF Modem Clerking Grid - when user encounters a problem, new option to return back to settings

2360 - Auctioneer's report #23 in Clerking Activity updated to show alt bid each amounts when quantity greater than one

Version 8.00.01 released June 5th, 2012

1474 - New Visi-Lotter - allows you to drag and drop lots/inventory to create a catalog

2643 - Fixed bug where Inventory Maintenance/Detailed Entry was slow to open when custom dictionary (for spellcheck) had many words.

1690 - Fixed bug when importing CSV spreadsheet with quotes would get duplicated to double-quotes

2387 - Added red strike through visual indicator to clerking grid for clerking on the fly when trying to re-use same lot#

2444 - Moved location of consignor information on settlement reports 3/4" to the right which makes it work better with A4 paper and window envelopes

2592 - Fixed bug where exporting auction preview images would actually export all auction preview images from all time

2598 - Changed behavior of RF Clerking Grid so that if RF Modem Server is restarted it forces RF Clerking Grid to restart too (necessary for synchronization of server/clerk)

2653 - Made auction upload button more obvious when auction has yet to be uploaded

2415 - Added email address to displayed info when checking in an existing bidder and potential matches are found

2638 - Added dialog to auction preview images export to delete existing files if default destination folder is not empty

2496 - Updated Quickbooks existing match algorithm to be more precise

2393 - Added Auction ID to unsold lots on settlement when settlement contains multiple auctions

2565 - Added summary option to CO/Item Expense reports found in auction setup

2385 - Fixed issue where if printing a custom bid card on a small format printer (Dymo, Zebra, etc.) subsequent attempts to preview a regular report would preview with the small-format label size resulting in inability to see the entire report

2667 - Fixed bug where if using seller checkin, and the first sellercode you use is 1, and then you use the ? to get next sellercode on a subsequent check-in, the system would be unable to find an available sellercode.