Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v8.01 (Released January 2nd, 2013)

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

3063 - New Fast Entry Cataloging form with integrated Dymo lot label printing and Eye-Fi wireless image capture. This new form also includes other options to speed up cataloging including multiple image view, automatic lot#, source carry-over, and field to set focus on after save.

3389 - New Internet Download Center consolidates all the steps when using internet absentee bidding or conducting internet-only auctions with Bidopia. This new form is intelligent and helps the user through the various steps.

2297 - When checking in customers by drivers license scan and the drivers license info does not match the existing customer info a form will popup allowing the user to ask the customer which information is correct

3392 - Auction Flex will now warn if internet bids have not been downloaded one final time after bidding has closed (works for internet absentee or internet-only)

3704 - Added new buyer 1099 reseller checkbox to customer maintenance and also added a report (#10) to print/export a list of these bidders

802 - Added option to filter by lot# range for auction upload

3225 - Added option to Auctioneer's Copy report to only print the top two absentee bidders

3194 - Added option to upload in sale order if sale order is turned on

3250 - Check-In and Clerking forms now use mini-nav buttons like Auction Checkout

3259 - More work on eliminating occasional appearance of unlicensed message on reports exported to pdf

3193 - New option to specify caption of alt bidding url button when uploading an auction

3015 - Optimized lot import process for Cloud users when using auto-assign images and importing a file from their local computer

3186 - As part of migration to Bidopia version 2.0 Auction Flex no longer allows the same inventory item to be assigned to multiple lot#'s

1468 - Changed tab order of fields when editing a customer's record. After zipcode, cursor will now go to email then to phone

1662 - Added option to print current date on CO Settlement reports rather than CO creation date

2674 - Added option to view the email list in Step 7 from send email. This is useful when using bulk email providers like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

2692 - Added option to auto-login to Auction Flex with the logged in Windows username

2765 - Adjusted footer captions on Report # 15 from Check-In for clarity

2694 - Fixed bug in kiosk on-screen keyboard when <Shift> is clicked

3247 - Added lot# range and saleorder range to auction export

3251 - Auction Lots & Preview form updated. User can now select optional columns for display. User can now search within the list easier and using multiple search criteria.

3301 - Auction Check-In form updated to include easier integrated search

3303 - Clerking Activity form updated to include easier intergrated search

3256 - When installation is a free trial, helpful free trial pop-up appears on startup to remind user of certain limitations

3266 - Added option to disabled the auction ID and name from printing on the invoice

3268 - Clerking Activity form opens taller if monitor resolution supports it

3269 - Auction Checkout form opens taller if monitor resolution supports it

3291 - New optional Regional settings in Settings & Options instead of inheriting from Windows System Control Panel settings

3308 - The upload reminder visual indication on Easy Navigator was updated

3328 - PO Report for sold items with date range added

3334 - Added option to disable Start Bid field from Fast Entry & Detailed Entry

3417 - Fixed bug where an auto-lead created via a custom expression won't print on an invoice

3735 - Refined lot import process to be more helpful if source for lot is missing

3304 - Fixed bug on report #43 from Check-In when bidder checked in multiple times under multiple bidcard#'s

658 - Fixed bug in Advanced Mailing List builder when adding by birthday (ignoring year) and range spanned end of year (ex: Dec 14 through Jan 15)

891 - Added source code as optional column in Auction Lots & Preview (no longer need to go into Fast Entry to view)

892 - Added ability to change source code from Auction Lots & Preview (no longer need to go into Fast Entry to change)

897 - When importing a list of customers, phone will automatically be auto-formatted according to settings

899 - When importing a list customers and using auto-proper capitalization, the address now uses smart auto-proper capitalization

 1097 - Added ability to checkin all bidders with a reserved bid card# from advanced tab in Auction Checkin

1116 - The Batch Mark utility from Auction Lots & Preview now includes UDF Check3 and Check4

1410 - Added "Add All" and "Remove All" buttons to User management form

1874 - Now showing lot info in Step 7 of Phone Bid Scheduler

2813 - When imporing Alt Bids, added new option to assume Start Bid is Max Bid. This can be useful for customers that import winning bids from other systems.

2904 - Added bidder's country into Step 4 of Phone Bid Scheduler to make it easier to handle international bidders

2920 - When copying unsolds lots from a past auction to a new auction, updated to include short udf fields, startbid, check3, and check4

3007 - Sort order changed to first+middle+last in Checkin->Find by name, select customer screen

3094 - Now creating individual folders by year-week# which will negate the need to run the archive image utility in the future

3332 - Added option to set start bid to the reserve when entering absentee bids

3352 - Added reports to inventory history search

3354 - Emailing CO reports now uses PDF only, HTML no longer supported

3438 - Updated webcam capture support to work with more webcams

3445 - If bidder has alt bids, give warning to user if trying to remove from auction

3465 - Changed layout of System Maintenance to make it more intuitive

3175 - Fixed a rare bug where the first image of a lot was not the image that was printing on a catalog with images

3261 - Auction Checkin form is now resizable

3339 - When running Auction Flex on 1080p monitors, Auction Flex no longer defaults to full-screen

3446 - Added bidder info in Step 7 of Phone Bid Scheduler

1476 - Added report #31 from Clerking Activity that prints the remaining catalogued inventory


Version 8.01.01 released April 5th, 2013

3865 - Adjusted checkout report #14 to include purchased items too. Previously this report only included consigned items.

3920 - Fixed bug with image quality picker not working properly

3911 - Fixed issue with webcam image capture causing Auction Flex to crash on some computers

1022 - Occasionally customers type invalid characters into their lot descriptions (this can happen if you accidentally hold down Alt instead of Ctrl when typing). These invalid characters, in turn, can prevent the auction from uploading. We are now discarding these invalid characters on upload so these will no longer cause upload problems.

3976 - The new Fast Entry form now display a dialog when optimizing images to give better feedback to users what's happening

4173 - If you have the option turned on to automatically check-in permanent bidcard#'s on first clerking entry/checkout, the checkout screen would automatically check-in bidders as you typed numbers. So, if you were typing in bidder #456 to checkout, when you typed the first digit (4) the system would check-in permanent bidder #4. Then when you typed the second digit (5) the system would check-in permanent bidder #45. This behavior has been fixed so that only bidder #456 will be automatically checked in (if need be).

4392 - If you click the top right X to close Auction Flex, a dialog pops up that says Are You Sure You Want to Close Auction Flex? If you don't answer, the dialog will now timeout in 6 seconds with the assumption that you do want to close.

4409 - In the old Clerking Screen, if you clerk to an Unregistered BidCard#, the text will now be bold and red like in the clerking grid

4370 - Fixed a bug where in-house expenses assigned to an auction were not deleted if the auction was deleted

3807 - Added Tax1 and Tax2 as optional columns in the new Auction Lots & Preview form

3898 - Fixed the Get Next ID button in Customer Maintenance->Buyer->Identification

3900 - Fixed report# 3 "Auction Lots w/Estimates, Reserves, & AltBids" from Auction Lots & Preview

3977 - Updated report# 51 from CO Maintenance to print in inventory #

3989 - Updated the New Fast Entry screen to obey the maximum lead length setting from Settings & Options

4087 - Updated the Startup Wizard to allow tax entry of 4 decimals (6.1375%). Previously the wizard only allowed 2 decimals (6.13%). This was just a wizard issue as the tax settings have always supported up to 4 decimals.

4113 - Fixed quirky data entry issue when using keyboard to type the stagger closing seconds in Auction Upload rather than the spinner box control

4233 - Adjusted behavior of Commission Quick Set on the Customer Record so that hitting escape acts as a cancel and makes no changes

4234 - Adjusted behavior when printing commission/buyback settings on CO & Settlement reports so that minimum commission setting is printed as well

4282 - Changed dialog for Go button from Customer Maintenance to say "Go Directly to Customer Code" instead of old "Go Directly to Buyer Code"

4451 - Fixed Edit Item & Edit Invoice buttons from Customer Maintenance->C.History->Sales

4464 - Adjusted new Fast Entry to objey Auto Proper settings in Settings & Options

4473 - Added BidCard# range filter for report# 21 "Registered Customers with Bid Totals (Sold) " from Auction Check-In

4097 - Adjusted search dialog for Clerking Activity to allow searching for BidCard# 0

4110 - Added report #51 "Sold Totals by BidCard#" to Clerking Activity

4235 - In Consignor Payment Maintenance we show a single line summary of the commission settings for the Consignor/CO. We have tweaked this single line display to be more informative and take less space, making it easier to review.

4330 - Adjusted behavior of new Fast Entry's get next lot# behavior to be like old Fast Entry. Essentially, it now keeps track of the last lot# you entered and finds the next available. In version 8.01.00 new Fast Entry would just find the maximum lot# used so far and increment by 1.

4421 - Tweaked the image drag-and-drop area in new Fast Entry

4446 - Added bidcard# range filter to report #44 "List of Clerked Lots Bidder-Centric (Excel Too)" in Clerking Activity

4489 - Added bidcard# range filter to reports #21 & #22 in Auction Checkout

4147 - Fixed bug with bulk email and option to use Simple MAPI

4172 - Fixed Auction Upload button in Advanced Navigator

Version 8.01.02 released July 12th, 2013

4604 - Fixed search by name function in Auction Checkout

4706 - Increased speed of Auction Lots & Preview when optional column Source Code is selected

4764 - Implemented better RF Modem installation & troubleshooting guides

4661 - Adjusted Auto-Backup feature from clerking to work better from Auction Flex in the cloud when the backups are being sent to the local computer's hard drive

4811 - Fixed permanently disabled bug with Tax2 in new Fast Entry

4841 - Fixed issue when importing lots using a computer that does not have Excel installed and the import file has a field-mapped inventory# field

4844 - Fixed issue with adjusting source code from Fast Entry after lot has been invoiced

4444 - Auction Lots & Preview - added new optional column commission buyback code

4501 - Now muting microphone input/feedback from webcam capture

4513 - Fixed reports 21 & 22 from Customer Center to work on Dymo printer

4517 - Fixed Dymo labels in Inventory Query Screen

4520 - Added starting lot# option to blank clerking sheets

4531 - Fixed new webcam capture to work with touchscreen check-in kiosk

4570 - Changed user interface of how you select and create new auctions from the Easy Navigator and the Advanced Navigator

4621 - Auction Lots & Preview - added source as an optional column

4687 - Changed message that is displayed to a bidder that is prevented from checking into an auction using the self check-in kiosk to be more informative

4709 - Auction Lots & Preview - added group & category as optional columns

4719 - Fixed issue with Invoice Receipts report #3

4452 - Tweaked behavior when adding a second receipt and auto-defaulting amount paid to adjusted payment due when payment type selection alters the invoice buyer's premium

4568 - Driver License check-in, when DL # not found, optimized secondary search by name to be faster

 4718 - When navigation buttons are enabled in Auction Day forms, adjusted behavior so that changing auction from Auction Checkout will change the active auction in the Easy & Advanced Navigator

4801 - Option to allow printing of additional bid cards from kiosk is now enforced

4826 - Added a new portrait version of report #14 "Auction Invoice Results by Buyer" from Auction Checkout

476 - Auction Check-In - Added a Cancel button when displaying differences between swiped DL and existing customer info


Version 8.01.03 released July 31st, 2013

4929 - Fixed incorrect applied amount bug when applying bidder deposit to an invoice and the invoice receipt amount is not defaulted to zero in Settings & Options

4970 - Auction Checkout - fixed scroll bar in previously created invoices for selected bidder at bottom right. This was only an issue if you had created more than 6 invoices for a single bidder in a single auction.

4979 - Fixed layering issue of auction drop down selector in the RF Modem Server form

4978 - Fixed province issue with QuickBooks export for Canadian addresses

4969 - Adjusted display list of invoice receipts from Invoice Maintenance to show if receipt was applied from a deposit


Version 8.01.04 released September 6th, 2013

5122 - Fixed an inventory import issue that caused long fields like description to get truncated to 254 characters

5158 - Added a new label to the system that is optimized for barcode image recognition. With this new optimized label, barcode image recognition has increased drastically.

5159 - Added button in Auction Lots & Preview as a shortcut to the Catalog by Barcode Image feature that has existed in Auction Flex for years

5163 - Simplified barcode image import options to be more user friendly

5167 - Made a slight tweak to the Catalog by Barcode Image feature to make data entry faster

5173 - Added unlimited length export of long user defined fields to auction export. Previously long user defined fields were limited to 250 characters on export.

Version 8.01.05 released September 16th, 2013

5203 - Fixed invoice printing bug with multi-page invoices when printing Paid Status is turned on in Settings & Options. Quick work-around is to turn off Paid Status in Settings & Options->Invoice->Uncheck Print PAID IN FULL or UNPAID on invoice.

Version 8.01.06 released October 7th, 2013

5373 - Fixed application hang-up bug with invoice receipt calculation when using a very specific surcharge/discount setting and then altering the Actual Amount Paid of an invoice receipt to less than the amount due.