Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.00 (Released December 12th, 2013)

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

558 - New web image watermarking feature. Auction Flex can now automatically watermark your web images with the text of your choosing.

169 - In Customer Center added customer's subscribed mailing lists to quick preview on right

4111 - Added nickel rounding capabilities for cash invoice receipts. This is useful for Canadian and Australian customers.

5034 - Added apply bid increments by each option for bid increment schedules. This was necessary for new Bidopia webcast capability.

1389 - Invoice email body and subject can now be auction specific and are defined in Auction Setup

5078 - Added the ability to define rings in Auction Setup. This was necessary for new Bidopia webcast capability.

110 - We replaced the Auto ComboBox feature in Inventory Type Maintenance with the new ability to pre-define UDF values. It's faster and you now have complete control over the list of values that will appear in the drop-down list when entering inventory or cataloging from Detailed Entry.

3427 - New reassign button in Auction Lots & Preview that allows you to easily move lots to another auction while retaining the same lot#. There were ways to do this before, this new method is just considerably easier.

5356 - Auction upload of an archived auction now only posts prices realized

5337 - Auction upload settings now have a starting bidcard# (typically set to 6000 or similar). All internet bidders will be automatically assigned a unique bidcard# starting at this value. This feature is primarily for the new Bidopia webcast capability.

5415 - Catalog by Image and Image Import updated to be more cloud friendly by pre-uploading images prior to processing. These forms are now much more responsive.

3338 - Can now specify an alternate company logo in Auction Setup. Invoices, catalogs, etc. will print with this auction-specific logo rather than the logo from Settings & Options.

2972 - In Phone Bid Scheduler added new lot info panel in Step 7

5048 - Customer Maintenance / Customer Center report # 7 "Invoice Totals by Customer/Date Range" is now exportable to Excel

5413 - New Checkbox on CO's & PO's labeled 'Item Entry is Complete'. The existing checkbox 'CO Complete' or 'PO Complete' is now checked upon final payment. This allows a separation of default behaviors in Auction Flex based on the value of these checkboxes that didn't exist previously.

5416 - Added export option to the check summary when paying out consignors

6140 - Added ability to export consignor payment history

6138 - Uploading an internet-only auction in sale order will now follow the sale order for staggering

5365 - Created a new stand-along image resize and compression utility for Cloud customers. Point this tool at a folder and it will quickly resize and compress the images which makes uploading to the cloud significantly faster.

5329 - Auctioneer's Screen performance increased significantly

5512 - The Vault feature has been removed. The Auction Flex cloud solution has become a much better solution for customers that may have been interested in using the Vault.

5091 - Fixed stagger out of order in auction upload form when auction is uploading by sale order

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.00.01 (Released March 3rd, 2014)

6407 - Fixed text overlap issue on invoices when using option to print full lot description on invoice and using buyer charges and using the option to print buyer charge detail

6490 - Fixed issue in auction checkout if you change the default sort order and then attempt to change the bidcard# or price of a selected lot

6491 - Fixed issue in auction checkout->invoices tab and you change the default sort order and then attempt to pay selected invoices

6500 - Fixed issue where some customers were unable to authenticate to their smtp email servers using the Auction Flex bulk email system

6145 - Fixed issue when using the Auction Flex kiosk and also having logins enabled

6340 - Added CA as a valid country name for Canada for addres formatting on invoices, settlements, etc. This helps with customers who import customer data from other systems that only provide country codes instead of full country name

6383 - Increased the number of hear about us values that can be displayed when editing a customer

6525 - Fixed issue with a few reports (clerking, etc.) that would not print if regional settings were set to a country that uses 9.999.999,99 number formatting

5950 - When copying auction settings the auction-specific report logo will now be copied as well

6496 - Fixed issue when print consignor settlements with thumbnail image, the CO expense would also print with a thumbnail

6531 - Tweaked default watermark settings from 28pt font to 20pt font

6511 - Tweaked the default watermark transparency setting from 150 to 120

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.00.02 (Released March 10th, 2014)

6576 - Fixed saved pathing issue when using new image watermark feature on web images

6587 - Added utility to fix images with a pathing issue because of bug in case 6576

6565 - Fixed a bug when assigning a lot# in Fast Entry when using Auction Flex in languages that use number format 9.999.99,99 (Dutch, Portuguese, etc.)

4567 - Fixed report# 47 'Auction Progress Report' from clerking activity when exporting to PDF

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.00.03 (Released May 8th, 2014)

6743 - Fixed issue with spell check and hot keys in Detailed Entry

6219 - Updated Lot Import to handle the image file naming convention of the Android app Memento which can be used for offsite cataloging on Android devices

6853 - Fixed display issue in Detailed Entry when using user-defined fields and using the pre-defined list of values feature

6861 - Updated Auction Summary to run significantly faster, especially from secondary workstations

6880 - Updated auction upload for starting bid amount to account for no selection on min,avg,max of presale estimate selected

6811 - Changed the upgrade wizard to ask for starting internet bidcard# to be used for internet bidder registration. Previously a default value of 7000 was used.

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.00.04 (Released May 15th, 2014)

6962 - Fixed spellcheck bug introduced with fix for 6743 in v9.00.03

6966 - Fixed display issue in inventory type maintenance where long udf ext description order on some computers would not show 2 digits

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.00.05 (Released June 24th, 2014)

7462 - Fixed performance issue with auctioneer's screen that affected some customers