Version History

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.01 (Released into beta Aug 15th)

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

3729 - Auction Flex Mobile - clerking, cataloging, and more from smartphones, tablets, etc. Works on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), Android devices, Windows, Macs, Chromebooks, etc. Auction Flex Mobile works directly in your device's browser, no app required.

6387 - Integrated credit card processing for your live & internet auctions. Supports both card-present and internet transactions.

5922 - Integrated shipping directly from the invoice. Works with USPS, FedEx, and UPS. This is a HUGE time saver for anybody that does shipping. Auction Flex will get quotes from the various carriers for each shipping priority, you choose which carrier + service to use and Auction Flex will purchase the shipping label and print it for you.

7715 - Batch internet payment center - after your auction this new form allows you to process all your credit card payments at one time and emails invoices to your bidders.

6729 - Changed subject on emailed invoices to include Auction ID, Invoice#, and BidCard# making it easier to correspond with bidders.

5075 - Added a dymo 30256 preprint label optimized for catalog by image process

6116 - New lot label intended for use prior to renumbering the lot# same as the sale order #

7537 - Added new group Firearms & Weapons for use when cataloging

7650 - Added new option to auto tax-exempt invoices for out-of-state internet bidders

6819 - New Auction Charts allow you to visualize various auction statistics

7141 - Added a user permission for viewing internet bidder credit card info

7147 - Added Ship To customer fields to mailing list export

7148 - Added Ship To customer fields to reports->custom list options

982 - Added option to print source code on inventory labels

5401 - Added option to disable cost on the Auctioneer's Screen

6135 - Added ability to copy inventory type settings from one inventory type to another

6324 - Updated Dymo labels from Detailed Entry & Fast Entry to use settings from Settings & Options

6494 - Added ability to print silent bid forms by comma separated lot list

6524 - Absentee bid results emails now adjust verbiage if auction was internet-only

6564 - Added inventory label Avery 5163 optimized for barcode image recognition

6602 - Added option to print Start Bid on consignment order & consignor settlement reports

6803 - Added option to print customer notes on the invoice

7061 - Updated all inventory labels to be more uniform and "prettier"

7062 - Moved the Consignors tab from Auction Setup to Auction Lots & Preview

7159 - Fixed issue where clerking sheets could not be exported to PDF

6604 - Added Start Bid field to the Auctioneer's Screen


Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.01.01 (Released November 25th)

8524 - Updated Auction Flex Mobile server to support printing Dymo labels on the fly as you catalog. This is a very cool new feature!

8543 - Auction Flex Mobile now uploads images asynchronously. This means you can take a second (and third) picture while the first one is still uploading.

8540 - Auction Flex Mobile, added Next Lot & Previous Lot buttons at the bottom when viewing or editing a lot

8898 - Auction Flex Mobile now shows sale order in Auction Lots list and allows editing of sale order when editing a lot (if sale order is turned on in settings & options)

8899 - Auction Flex Mobile now shows inventory# in Auction Lots list and allows editing of inventory# when adding/editing a lot (if use inventory#'s is turned on in settings & options)

8067 - Auction Flex Mobile now shows absentee bids and phone bid notification when clerking

8246 - Auction Flex Mobile clerking now automatically fills in the source code according to the settings & options

8477 - PDF is now the default attachment type when emailing invoices, settlements, etc.

8542 - Fixed issue with bid increments not showing in Auction Setup (they were still accessible in auction upload form)

8642 - Tweaked how absentee bids are shown when option to allow editing of alt bid quantity is enabled

8706 - When using new credit card integration fixed issue where applying payment from internet registration required e-commerce keys

8863 - Fixed slow preview of auction catalogs when skipping to last page

8962 - Auction charts by group or group+category now include lots that don't have groups, or group+cats assigned

8974 - Updated Auction Flex Mobile statistics to show # of bidders left to checkout rather than # of lots

7900 - Added report to new Shipping Center

8120 - Updated charts to support numbers as large as 999,999,999.99 (old max was 9,999,999.99)

8254 - Fixed issue when using invoice receipt nickel rounding feature (used by Australian & Canadian customers) and invoice receipt change mode is enabled

8714 - Updated error message when attempting to process an internet credit card when the registration did not require a credit card

8975 - Updated catalogs to only ask once about including a blank space between lots during report preview

8998 - Fixed issue from Auction Lots & Preview when including one of the long UDF's as an optional column and then attempting to sort the list

9002 - Added description as an optional column in Auction Lots & Preview

6518 - Updated the consignor settlement so that if you sell the same lot multiple times (pass out / choice) the sale price & commission for each show up in preferred order

8514 - Updated the title bar of Auction Flex to now also show the version #

8204 - Tweaked shipping form behavior so that you can get rates again even after selecting a shipping rate (in case you click the wrong shipping provider/rate)


Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.01.02 (Released December 4th)

9107 - Added ability for custom lot labels from Auction Flex Mobile server to print inventory numbers

9074 - Clarified checkbox caption in Auction Setup for tax exempting Bidopia internet bidders from out of state

9097 - Fixed speed issue in Detailed Entry & Inventory Maintenance when inventory type predefined user-defined field values contains thousands of entries

9098 - Fixed issue where consignor button in Auction Lots & Preview would be disabled if there were more than 2,000 lots in an auction

9112 - Fixed issue where predefined user-defined values for medium udf fields would be cut off at 25 characters instead of 40 characters

9108 - Fixed misspelled caption of right click shortcut in Fast Entry to rotate an image to the right


Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.01.03 (Released April 6th)

10159 - Clerking from Auction Flex Mobile now better handles multiple rings (behavior same as regular clerking grid)

7458 - Clerking from Auction Flex Mobile now includes a +Save+ pass out option (behavior same as regular clerking grid)

9283 - Fixed issue with shipping via EasyPost and company name containing an ampersand

9343 - Added new buyer invoices report by date range report to Customer Center/Customer Maintenance

9718 - Fixed issue where the Shipping Center could display the incorrect balance due with certain surchage/discount settings

9976 - Fixed issue in Auction Flex Mobile when editing a lot and auction is using Use Seller Check-In option

9017 - Added filter & sort options to auction checkout reports #14 & 15

9453 - Added country to excel export in Auction Check-In report #2

9643 - Added numeric address and billing zip to manual credit card entry

8926 - Added option to print customers without deposits in Auction Check-In report #43 and Clerking report #61

9000 - Added middle name to search screen in Fast Entry -> Consignor lookup

9028 - Added commission summary to Auction Lots & Preview

9451 - Added option to print Clerking reports #43 & 44 in order by hammer price

9577 - Increased auction export from 20 to 30 images per lot

9586 - Added start bid field to Inventory History Search

9587 - Added start bid as an available field for search, filters, and export in Inventory Maintenance

9780 - When shipping we are no longer providing declared value to UPS leaving the insurance only through EasyPost