Version 9.03 History

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

Auction Flex Detailed Version History for v9.03.00 (Released September 18th, 2015)

11332 - Auction Flex can now email invoices, settlements, etc. without requiring a 3rd party email program like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.

11620 - Integrated email now supports both TLS and SSL smtp authentication for sending emails

5797 - Added ability to mass email Consignment Order reports by auction

8659 - Made all email subjects customizable to include text merge fields. This includes invoices, invoice receipts, alternate bid list, alternate bid results, etc.

8888 - Bulk emailing now allows you to continue working while the bulk email is being sent

10242 - Bulk email alternate email list is now specific to the email instead of being universal

11405 - Added max file size setting for web images which ensures that thumbnail images are created on upload

11522 - Fixed Auction Flex Mobile clerking issue in Internet Explorer where lot# field could not be selected with mouse or touch (css layering issue)

11561 - Deleted lot images are no longer sent to the recycle bin

11495 - Added new default inventory type for Appraisals

11521 - Fixed memory leak in Auction Flex Mobile server

11167 - Added ability to specify the Consignment Order # when importing lots

11175 - Bidder download will now continue through an error

11404 - Added new summary/detailed invoice export in Invoice Maintenance->Reports

9916 - Images are now copied when copying a lot using Right-click->Save

10193 - Added ability to set a custom CO report as the default CO report to email

10279 - Added middle name to search list from customer maintenance when quick searching by underlined field labels

11177 - Added auctioneer notes to clerking reports 23 & 25

11462 - Invoices now will print quantity total if quantities are enabled

10059 - Added option that controls whether invoice notes print on the invoice


Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.03.01 (Released October 12th, 2015)

11783 - Using Auction Flex Mobile native app for iOS and using speak-to-text, if you spoke "dash" between numbers (like 123-456) the dash would not show up in Auction Flex properly.

11703 - Using Auction Flex Mobile native app for iOS, navigation in IOS9 between steps is clunky. This was a result of changes in iOS9 and is now fixed.

11718 - Auction Flex Mobile native app for iOS, clerking grid in IOS9 has formatting issues. This was a result of changes in iOS9 and is now fixed.

11729 - Fixed bug introduced in v9.03.00 that prevented EyeFi from working

11785 - When importing zip codes the zip code will now be padded with leading zero's automatically if necessary

11693 - Auction Check-In->Report #14 added sort order for bidcard# and added a second sort order of lot# to customer name, etc.

11731 - Added ability to delete second maximum up to amount in bid increment schedules

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.03.02 (Released November 30th, 2015)

11989 - Updated Auction Flex Mobile->Fast Lot to recognize a period as the split between the lead and the description for a lot

12141 - Updated Auction Flex Mobile cataloging (Fast Lot & New Lot) to respect last lot# when assigning next lot#. This makes it easy for multiple teams to work simultaneously cataloging the same auction but using different lot# ranges.

12075 - Updated integrated credit card processing to deal with internet connectivity errors in a more robust and informative way

12005 - Fixed bug when editing purchased items using Auction Flex Mobile

12137 - Drastically improved speed of Auction Lots & Preview->Consignors->CO's tab when there are hundreds of consignors

11956 - Inventory History Search was updated to have a cleaner layout and include new sorting options

12126 - Fixed issue where commission structures with very high up to amounts and very high increments (not percentage) could get cutoff when printing on settlement reports

11875 - Added dotted lines between items on CO report

11898 - Added report #13 to Customer Center, "Consignor Totals by Date Range with Commission Rates"

12008 - Added ability to copy Email settings when copying settings from one auction to another.

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.03.03 (Released December 1st, 2015)

12208 - Fixed issue with commission summary printing on CO reports

12202 - Updated mailing list export to export customer records that only contain an email address; previously it would limit export to customer records containing a name (first, last, or company).

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.03.04 (Released December 2nd, 2015)

12212 - Fixed issue some customers encountered when printing batch CO settlements

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.03.05 (Released March 16th, 2016)

11973 - Updated Auction Flex Mobile to work better with multiple teams cataloging in the same auction at the same time

12313 - Improved error message on Auction Flex Mobile when activation key has expired

12491 - Changed all references of Bidopia to HiBid

12792 - Improved what information Auction Presenter displays when clerking a non-cataloged lot

12637 - Added a workstation.ini backup folder override for advanced users to specify an alternate default backup location

12837 - Adjusted system maintenance utilities to be more robust

Auction Flex Detailed Version History For v9.03.06 (Released July 8th, 2016)

13825 - Fixed a CO balance bug if you were adjusting CO Balance Due for UDF checkboxes and there was an expense on the item being adjusted and only in a very rare, specific order of adding the expense

13063 - When copying items from a past auction to a new auction the sale order will now copy over too

13398 - Added a note to the RF Clerking Server & RF Clerking Grid to indicate that matching com ports are not required

13536 - Fixed an issue where a disabled category was still showing up in Detailed Entry

13538 - Adjusted the upload screen to make the intent of the Bidding URL and Bidding URL Caption clearer

13629 - Country name adjusted to no longer convert to proper-case automatically

13666 - Fixed issue where Auction Flex Mobile in the Cloud could show the wrong auction dates (off by 1 day) if the user was in a different time zone than the servers

13769 - Improved the error message when attempting to send an email but the SMTP settings haven't been setup yet

13065 - BidCards will now use the auction-specific logo in auction setup if one has been defined

13430 - When adding an invoice receipt, after swiping a credit card the focus will now automatically move to the Process Payment button

13559 - Fixed non-blocking error message in Inventory Maintenance report # 13 'Complete Detail with All Images'

13868 - List of clerked lots will now sort by Time Stamp properly

13108 - Updated Customer Center report # 6 'Invoice Items by Date/Range' to work with any selected filter, built-in or user-created

13153 - Added warning to data backup informing user that images and reports have to be backed up separately

13282 - Clerking report # 41 'Quick List of Clerked Lots' adjusted to display only 2 decimal places on times the money lots

13440 - Added Alert field to Customer Center quick info panel

Auction Flex Detailed Version History for v9.03.07 (Released July 11th, 2016)

13876 - Replaced all remaining instances of Bidopia with HiBid

Auction Flex Detailed Version History for v9.03.08 (Released August 22nd, 2016)

12127 - Fix orientation issues with images captured via Auction Flex Mobile and iOS devices (strip EXIF orientation values from images)

13631 - Fixed ability to search for customer codes that start with EE

13939 - Fixed refresh issue from Detailed Entry when editing images

13991 - Company logo will now show on consignor reports when emailed

13903 - Auction Flex Mobile Fast Lot will now use default inventory type instead of last used inventory type

Auction Flex Detailed Version History for v9.03.09 (Released September 15, 2016)

14199 - Fixed occasional login issue with Auction Flex Mobile and certain devices

14203 - Improved speed of image import when images need auto-rotation